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Mission statement:

Sapphire International School's mission is to provide each and every pupil with high quality learning experience, develop their overall potential, encourage independence and confidence. Our curriculum is broad because we combine the British and Nigerian pedagogy to ensure continuity and progression relevant to each child's needs. Learning and teaching take place in a caring, purposeful and safe environment. We enrich our pupils learning by recruiting high calibre, qualified and experienced graduate teachers from all over the world who must maintain our academic standard and ensure every child's learning need is met.
The school aims to promote self-esteem, respect to self and others, co-operation and care for the community. The school values the interest of the children and collaborative links with parents. Inorder for our children to advance and be well equipped for the challenges of the 21st century, we provide education that will make children eager to unlearn their old skills and relearn skills for life through latest technology and various educational learning equipments. 
Our History:
We are in partnership with several schools in England especially MelroseNursery school in South West london where our story began. The owner is a lady who provided us with the first set of our nursery resources. Due to her interest in helping develop our school in Africa, we decided to use her school as our first Intenational school link. Children and staff at Sapphire will continue to exchange ideas and resources with our partner school(s) overseas and will in future have opportunities to travel abroad for further studies.































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School resumes on Monday the 27th of January 2012 after the

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